Barcelona. 2009


The Outside World Presents...Annwen Moore. "The Conversion of the Dean"

The Outside World Gallery... Presents Annwen Moore. "The Conversion of the Dean"
Debut Solo Show
44 Redchurch Street.
Thursday 3rd September 2009

The Outside World Presents...Annwen Moore. "The Conversion of the Dean"...with Black Widow '82.


GSA MUTUAL. JACK MOVE, Southside Studios Glasgow. 22nd August 2009

Interpreting our brief, set by our Art School Peers, myself and Sarah Campbell decided to do a collabrative piece.

We both had one board each, mine in London and hers in Belfast. We then covered the surface of out board as we desired and the sent it to the other. We then embelished the others board, which took much deliberation to decide what to do as i was difficult to decide how to create the best image over the other's work.

The first time we saw the finished boards was on the wall at the exhabition. I was an exciting moment to finally see how Sarah had decided to embelish the painting of the red jumper wearing anonymous person that i had sent her. And how she reacted to me painting over the wood cut of rippling water she sent me.

BRIEF: we ask now that you, in a sense forego the more dutiful aspects of your practice, the part of you which dwells on the work you should be making, rather, perhaps than the work you'd like to make. Unabashedly referencing popular culture, and appropriating words, symbols and images from all kinds of sources with a flagrant disregard for the legitimacy or in some way sacred nature of its source has become an unquestioned facet of many artists work.
We need look no further than the, now commonplace, act of sampling in both music ( hip hop, rap , electronica etc) and art to appreciate the extent of the demise of The Original in our culture. This said we would, ideally, like work which questions and critiques rather than judges this trend of appropriation and are confident that you can rise to the challenge accordingly.